How does Social Media affect Relationships – Guest Post

In this day and age, social media plays such a big role in our lives, and there are certainly a lot of positive aspects to it. Social media has been directly responsible for the formation of many relationships, and also resulted in old relationships being rekindled, whether romantic relationships or those of long lost family and friends.

However, there’s also a negative side. Many people’s relationships that now breakdown are publicly subjected to scrutiny of friends and family, or even just their connections who may be looking for a bit of gossip to entertain themselves. Though, if your relationship is on the verge of breaking down and you have the Family Solicitors involved, then this isn’t going to be something you want broadcast all over your social media.

It really brings us to question if the negative effects of social media outweigh the positives, and also what the true impact of social media is on relationships.

In this post, we want to cover some of the negative ways that social media can affect relationships.


In today’s world, people are more focused on their physical appearance than ever. This selfie-driven and filter-focused attitude has, not only caused more people to seek attention for their looks online in order to boost their self-confidence, but it’s also causing a lot of jealousy within relationships because many people assume that if their partner has just friended someone on Facebook who has a “perfect” selfie as their profile picture that they must only be friends with them because of how they look.


Of course when it comes to the matter of infidelity it’s not always an overactive imagination that’s to blame. The introduction and use of social media has caused a rise in cheating – even if that cheating never leads to anything physical. This is, in part, due to how easy it has become to cheat online, and this can have dire consequences for a relationship.

Communication Breakdown:

Although with things like emojis it can be easier to communicate the context of what we’re trying to say online, any method of communication that doesn’t involve actually using your voice is always going to come with challenges, and since communication in a relationship is absolutely crucial to maintaining a good level of harmony and keeping things good between you both, then trying to converse with each other about important matters pertaining to your relationship via social media really can’t lead anywhere good.

Lack Of Quality Time:

Nowadays it’s especially common for people to conduct a full relationship via social media, and so as much as we’re probably still aware of the need for in-person contact and communication, the alternative has become so much easier and more convenient to adopt. This can be highly problematic in leading to a lack of quality time being spent together – time that is actually crucial for the survival of a relationship. Whether it’s in a long distance relationship or one in which you live together, spending quality time together is something that should be a high priority in your relationship.


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