3 boys, 2 bouts of sickness, 1 pair of tired parents

When sickness hits!

I am finally coming to the end of the sickness. ( I really hope so!) For the past 2 weeks we have had this vomiting bug enter our home twice! Twice! We must of done something to deserve that. Arthur was hit pretty bad, couldn’t tolerate food and even water made another appearance. Oliver was then struck and when ill he really likes to be cuddled. He reverts back to toddlerhood and just wants oodles and oodles of cuddles. He then did the brotherly thing and passed it on to Jack. Who by the way didn’t seem that bothered. He was sick, he slept and then that was it. 1 day it took for him to get better, 1 day.

Then mark was hit! Bless him I really feel for him this close to Christmas. He works so hard to provide for us. He threw up one morning and still went into work. Knowing if he didn’t he would loose his bonus. He marched through it and thankfully he was okay. A little rundown but okay.

and again..

The Second bout and so far it’s skipped Arthur and struck Oliver first who again then passed it onto Jack. This sickness seems different. They both complained of stomach pain, both then sick and then that was it. Of course school say 48 hours from last sickness and the bug is slowly hitting all the kids. So I am currently waiting for normality of everyone back to school/play school.

It has been lovely having them off school and not having to do the school run has been great! Because lets face it who actually enjoys the school run? I must have drunk my weight in coffee (which by the way is loads) and I haven’t even touched chocolate. Mainly because I haven’t actually got any.

So please send coffee and chocolate and let’s hope no more sickness!

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