Separating the Boys

In just a couple of weeks it will be Jack’s birthday. To think that my first born child will be turning 9 is kind of scary. He hasn’t really asked for much in regards to what he wants, only that he would like either a laptop or Chromebook and his own room.

Bedroom rejig

His dad and I had been talking about giving Jack his own room last year. We haven’t finished that conversation though as there was just so much to think about. There are loads of factors we need to consider and living in such a small house doesn’t help. Currently all 3 boys sleep in the smallest bedroom. To help with space, they sleep in a triple bunk bed. Not the usual kind though, one on top of the other style. Lately however Oliver and Arthur have been more trouble in regard to getting to sleep and Jack is being affected by it.

The second bedroom is being used as their playroom. The room is a lovely size and currently houses the copious amounts of toys that they all have. It also has their T.V and their Now TV box so they can watch movies or access YouTube to watch their favourite channels. It is all about Roblox and Minecraft at the moment and we got so frustrated. Constantly having to hear Stampy’s voice we had to move them to their playroom.

Buying new beds

One of things that we would need to buy for Jack is a new bed. If he was to get his own room he would have to have their current room and we would have to move the boys to the playroom. Being the smallest room we need to create storage and plenty of it. I came across LionsHomeUK and on their website I found the children’s bed section. For under £200 they have a high sleeper bed with plenty of shelving underneath. It would be perfect for him!

Mark and I are undecided what we would do for Oliver and Arthur with their beds. I say to keep them and use the top bunk as either storage for them or a spare bed for friends/family etc. Mark however isn’t keen as he feels they will just mess around and it is an accident waiting to happen. He is probably right, but it seems so wasteful not to have it.

3 boys holding hands

The more I think about the possible move around the more excited I get. Reality hits and that is why it is taking us so long. The thought of having to dismantle a triple bunk bed in such a small room and then building it again in another room. Then there is the building of what would be Jack’s new bed too. To be completely honest I think it is just that preventing us from actually going ahead with it. Maybe in a few months we can pay for somebody to do it for us.

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