Being on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness

A recent act of kindness I received got me thinking about the last time I did a random act of kindness on someone. It was a couple of weeks before hand whilst at shopping and I was returning my trolley. A lady all flustered walked up, she seemed to be having one of those days so I handed her my pound coin. She may as well have had one, but that simple gesture that she didn’t then need to rummage through her bag made her smile. She thanked me, smiled and looked slightly relieved. I felt like I had helped her, and I made her trip that little bit easier.

random act of kindness

The Random act of kindness I received

But it was this act of kindness I received that has sparked me into writing this post. Just before Jack’s birthday I answered an ad on Facebook. The lady was selling a Metal Detector something Jack which he wanted! I explained to the lady that I wanted to buy it as a gift to my son for his birthday she asked for my address and turned up with it in tow. She explained that either her father or grandfather (I can’t quite remember) had bought it for the same reason and she would like us to have it. Out of the blue, just like that she gave us this metal detector and wanted nothing in return. Random Acts of Kindness are just like that. Random.


Have you ever received a Random Act of kindness? Or have you given one? I would love to hear more details


  1. Louise Burgess
    1st November 2017 / 7:08 am

    I received and given a number of random acts

    – the most special random act we received was when our son was born he was sent to specialist hospital 60 miles from home and me and my partner got to stay in the Ronald McDonald House to be near him. But we felt useless that we couldn’t do anything for him not even buy him outfit/blanket as didn’t have car and only shops in walking distance from hospital were food places. In the lift we saw another couple had Asda bags, I couldn’t help but ask where they got them from they said it was 30mins drive away. I started to cry knowing I couldn’t leave our son that long or afford a taxi to get there and back. Without even a seconds thought the couple offered to drive back there straight away with my hubby so he could get some items meaning we could get our son a blanket and feel like we were parents. It meant so much to us they wanted nothing in return and when we were leaving we found out that they also had a poorly child in the hospital and had been there for months.

    • 2nd November 2017 / 4:51 pm

      That is such an amazing experience of a random act of kindness! How lovely of the couple 🙂

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