Our Half Term Plans

Gullivers Land

We are so excited to be going off on an adventure! There is nothing more we love than stepping out of the car in a new place and exploring. This half term we are off to York! We will be staying with the Youth Hostel Association for a couple of nights and I am excited. York has been one of those places that I would love to visit. However we have never had reason to go, and the train can be rather expensive. We have been looking for things to do during our stay that are free/low cost and I think we may have found a couple of places. First on our list of places to go is the National Rail Museum, which is free to enter!

There isn’t any half term specific activities as York children are on holiday the week after. However there are still plenty of things to see and do! I am rather excited to see the Flying Scotsman, which was recently in Peterborough. There is also a Free exhibition to their Testing Showcase. Which shows the latest technology on several projects! I am then thinking a walk into the city, for a wander. I would really love to visit The Shambles. There is a shop called “The Shop That Must Not Be Named” and it looks so magical! Total Harry Potter geek here!

After our visit to York we are then going to Blyth to see Mark’s dad. No idea what our actual plans are going to be. All I know is we are going to have to visit the beach! The weather is looking okay, rain isn’t forecasted but we all know it will be likely!

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