Valentine’s Day with My Parcel Delivery

For some, Valentine’s Day is spent in the traditional sense, romantically with a significant other. For others, it’s a day to make an extra effort to show appreciation for their family and friends. No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, one of the most popular ways to share the love is by sending someone a gift. Whether that’s a box of chocolates, a giant teddy bear or a simple but thoughtful card. If you are struggling for ideas then check out my Valentine’s Gift Guide here. For those separated by long distances, the problem arises with how to get your gift to them.

No distance is too far

Despite how far apart you and your loved one are, there are still ways that you can make sure that a gift reaches them on 14th February by sending it the old-fashioned way, delivered straight to their door or workplace. Courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery can help you to find the fastest and cheapest courier service which specifically meets your needs – all while avoiding wasted time stood in Post Office queues and overspending on delivery. You’ll be able to leave your parcel at a designated drop-off point or have it collected from your home or workplace by trusted brands such as UPS and Parcelforce. It doesn’t matter where the parcel is heading either, as there is a range of couriers which can deliver to hundreds of destinations across Europe and the rest of the world.

Think before you send

If you know that you’ll have to have your gift delivered, it’s worth getting the low down on what can and can’t be sent by browsing through the list of restricted and prohibited items. Thankfully there are plenty of meaningful gifts out there which can be transported and delivered to your Valentine.

Don’t underestimate the value of taking out extra compensation cover either. Paying that little bit extra for additional compensation ensures that gifts which are of high financial or sentimental value are fully covered should anything go wrong along the way.

Protect your parcel

While it’s always a nice surprise to have a gift arrive with some beautiful red ribbon tied around the box or inside a creative gift bag.The most important thing is that the gift reaches its recipient safe and sound. Packaging gifts correctly will avoid any potential damage to the parcel and it also means that it is more efficient for the couriers to handle. You can still keep the pretty wrapping paper and fancy bows, but the gifts must be placed in a parcel box which is strong enough to withstand transportation. This helps for the gift to remain as a surprise for the recipient too!

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy for anyone who is feeling a bit downhearted about not being able to spend time with their love. I hope you have a lovely day – however, you are spending it.


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