The Mum Diaries monthly linky

The Mum Diaries Monthly Linky and dad’s too!!

I wanted to create a new link up which goes with my blog name. The Mum Diaries is all about what you would write in a diary or a notebook. Events that have happened in your life or your families life that you want to share. Anything can be linked as long as it isn’t a sponsored/review/ad. I want to read your everyday posts. It doesn’t have to have happened within the last month either but it could be a pretty awesome way to document your memories!

What we got up too!

Jack went to cubs! That was a pretty amazing achievement in itself. Over a year ago Jack’s best friend’s mum and I had been discussing signing our boys up. We thought they would love it! It took them awhile to reply to emails by which point we had decided to wait until they were older for cubs. 2 weeks ago Jack and his friends went to their first meeting.

The Mum Diaries

You can literally see it in his smile how excited he was! We walked up to the meet and waited outside for his friends to turn up. He wanted to walk in together. When they arrived and it was time to walk in. I couldn’t wait to pick him up and for him to tell me what they did!

The Mum Diaries

Not what I expected!

He came out bawling! Crying his eyes “mummy I didn’t like it!” My heart broke! I was so excited for him to go that it made me question did I push him into going? I really thought he would enjoy it and I kept asking him what was wrong. All I got back “I missed you mummy!” Apparently his friends didn’t like it either so he decided he didn’t want to go back. I asked him was it someone in particular? and he said no, I asked did you not like the activities? and he said no. He just didn’t like it.

What do I do? I didn’t want to push anything onto him but likewise I honestly think he would enjoy it. In the end Jack agreed to go to one more meet and see how that goes. Fingers crossed!

I am looking forward to reading all the posts linked up and I will comment/share too.
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The Mum Diaries (and dad's too)

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