Imagine you won the lottery, what would you do?

Imagine you won the lottery, what would you do?

It’s a daydream I love having but one I hate coming out off. Being a single income household the thought of having a healthy bank balance is really appealing. For me it is easy though. I don’t need millions of pounds, although it would be lovely. Mark and I were recently discussing what we would do to tell each other. Would we just come out with it? Or surprise each other? He said he wouldn’t be able to keep something like that a secret and he would have to tell me. Me on the other hand has it all mapped out. Mark has always wanted a motorbike, more specifically a green Kawasaki Ninja. So, if we won the lottery then I would tell Mark by having his dream motorbike on our drive away for when he gets home.

We would then have to discuss what we would do with the remaining funds. Our next big purchase and probably the biggest we would ever make would be a house. We both hate living in rented housing, especially in the private sector and the amount we have to throw away in agency fee’s. Our ideal house would be a minimum of 5 bedrooms. It may seem excessive, and to be honest we could make do with a 4 bedroom but I would love to give the boys their own room. Currently all 3 sleep in the same room and it’s stressful.

If I won the lottery

They would each get their own room

Jack has been asking for his own room for awhile now. Living in a small 3-bedroom house, space is really limited. Having them all in one bedroom (The smallest room) means we have a decent sized room for their toys. However, if we won the lottery their own rooms is a must, but I also want another baby. So, having a room ready for a 4th child if and when we have one makes sense.
I am not quite sure how much of the remaining budget we would have left after buying the motorbike and house. The next purchase, if we had remaining funds would either buy a car or go towards a car. As a family of 5 (and hopefully 6 if we won) we would need a bigger car. Even though we currently have a 7-seater car I can’t imagine having to fit a buggy and an extra child in there.

So, I think there you have it. If I won £1 million then I would buy a motorbike, house and hopefully a car. IF, and it’s probably a big if we had remaining funds then we would go on holiday! Depending on how much we had remaining I would absolutely love to go on a once in a lifetime trip. I would love to visit my aunt and uncle in Australia, I haven’t seen them in nearly 9 years. I wouldn’t tell them we were coming, I would just turn up! We would then, hopefully, be able to travel to Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, complete Route 66, Disney World and then travel Europe.
If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

Imagine winning the lottery

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