Getting School Ready – Back to School Guide

This year I will have 3 children going to primary school. So becoming organised is something that I am just going to have to do. The last few years I have left so much to the last minute that I struggled to get everything on my list. This year however, in a bid to become more organised and to help others I have compiled a Back to School Guide. Hopefully, it helps you get prepared too!

Back to School

Kiddimoto helmet – £31.50

The boys love nothing more than to scoot or ride their bikes to school. We have a rule that helmets MUST be worn no matter if they ride a bike or use their scooter. This has caused a little friction with Jack as not many of his friends wear helmets when it comes to scooters. However, what helps is being able to choose their own helmets. Kiddimoto has a good selection of great looking helmets. Arthur however had no problems picking this fire helmet which matches his bike! He can’t wait for school to start and to show his friends!

Sip by Swell

New school bottles will pretty much be on everybody’s school list. With the big emphasis being on plastic free in recent months and the weather being a lot warmer it is important to find a bottle that keeps drinks cool. Sip by Swell has double wall insulation to help keep drinks cold for longer.

Along with children’s bottles, Swell also have a great range of insulated coffee cups. Perfect for the busy school run mums and dads who would rather be at home. The insulated coffee cups keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours. The bottles are leak free and condensation free so are safe to be in the bag without fear of a coffee covered bag!

The smaller bottles hold 10oz and costs £18. The coffee insulated cups hold 16oz and cost £25.

Maped Helix Stationery

Maped Helix is a British company which has been around for over 130 years. They are a well known and much loved brand when it comes to stationery.

  • Color’Peps Animals colouring pencils £4.99
  • Oxford Colours Math Set £6.99
  • Loopy Totem Eraser/Sharpener £2.19
  • Bunny innovation 1 hole pencil sharpener £2.39


Hydro Flask 12oz bottles for kids £27.95

The Hydro Flask bottles are made using stainless steel and double wall vacuum insulation. It is what keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours meaning there is always a cold drink waiting. The bottle is a great size to fit inside backpacks, and with the easy sip straw super quick to drink. The bottom of the Hydro Flask features a removable rubber cover to help protect from the inevitable drops.

Starting School

This year is Arthur’s first year at school. Although he is super excited to start he has started coming to me and talk more and more about what he will be doing.

DK Stuff to know when you start school – RRP £7.99

The book is filled with lots of visuals and colour. It has been really lovely to sit with Arthur going through each page and talking about starting school.

Worry Eaters – Schnulli

Schnulli has been such a welcome little monster. Arthur has found him to be a real comfort especially with any worries or fears. All you need to do is write/draw your worry and pop him into Schnulli’s mouth. He eats away at it all leaving you feeling happier. He is super soft and the 30cm is a great size to use as a comfort pillow. A little too big to take to school but handy to have at home as a way to rid those worries they may have.

Mia Tui Sydney BackPack £30

I absolutely love this bag! It is so roomy and you can fit plenty of books and other school related paraphernalia inside. There is a padded pocked perfect for laptops and 2 bottle holders on the outside. I have been using it recently on days out, packing in everything we need and after hours or wearing it, my shoulders and back haven’t felt the strain. Ideal for older children.

Smiggle – Various Items and prices

There are literally so many pretty awesome stationery items at smiggles that is hard to list our favourites! From backpacks to lunch bags to scented pencils there is a lot of choice! Jack is a big fan of Smiggle! He loves the foldable silicone water bottle £12 and the hard top pencil case £15. The jam packed triple zipped pencil case £18 is perfect at keeping everything in it’s place. The handy glue pencil will no doubt come in useful as will the watch! I absolutely love the colour pencils. They are so bright and vibrant and come with a selection of neon, coloured and metallic all for £10.

Want some inspiration on what to buy for going back to school. Make sure to check out the post for lots of fab items!

*We were gifted the items in exchange for being featured


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  1. 15th August 2018 / 8:09 pm

    What great ideas…I always get my teen one of those Oxford maths sets. This year I will be getting my youngest one too with her going to secondary school.
    I love the look of those worry eaters. I think my youngest would benefit from one of those. x

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