Buying a Garden Office

Creating a Garden Office

The recent weather has pretty much damaged our shed beyond repair so Mark and I have been looking into a new one. With so many different types to choose from we had to work out what we would need one for.  Currently, our shed houses all the clutter from the garden from water toys, helmets and balls to more randomly old nappy library stock. It was whilst I was looking at new sheds that I came across the idea of using the space to create a Garden Office.

More and more of us are converting our outdoor spaces into usable workplaces, especially those who work from home. The costs and added stress of commuting impacts everyone in the family. Creating a beautiful Garden Office means you can be away from the home, without actually leaving your property. Not only that but the investment can also add value to your home too!

Garden Office

I instantly fell in love with Garden Offices available at GBC group. This one is called Nordic Manhattan and is built to bring warmth and comfort all year round. I can imagine sitting in there with my cup of coffee, writing in the middle of winter all cosy. The Nordic Manhattan is super stylish and modern. It also features Double Glazing, sliding double doors and tile effect roof. It looks absolutely stunning! For added security, it also has multi-point locks to keep everything safe and secure.


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