Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs- Interplay UK – Review

Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs is a creative activity which encourages children’s imaginations! With 3 diff to decorate their own fuzzy dog and accessories.

What is included

The Kit includes 3 fuzzy dogs in various sizes and all the bits needed to make and decorate their beds and accessories. Everything is included which is great as often or not there is always something missing. There is a handy practise piece too! The boys loved designing their dogs before they drew on their models.


Colouring and making the accessories

Oliver loves cute. Anything that makes you stop and think awww Oliver loves. I knew instantly that this would be a hit for him! and him being him he gave one to each of his brothers to design and keep too! I love his generosity and love for his siblings.

Oliver cut out and began to colour his practice dogs, each time exclaiming how lovely he is and he will be called Doggy. (imagination lacks in the name department! He has soft cuddly cat called Catty!) Oliver couldn’t wait to start colouring his “Doggy” and got to work straight away. He concentrated so hard bless him and he coloured him exactly how he wanted. All the while he kept saying ” he is cute!” Not long after finishing “Doggy” he got to work on the bed. The box states age from 5plus and he struggled and gave up with the bed. To be honest it was a little tricky and with a little help from me he mastered it! Using a lollipop stick (provided) you push the tab into the slot to secure it together. Oliver chose the smallest dog which also comes with a cape and extra mask.

The one thing he did say was he wished he had some extra pens! He wanted to add some extra marks but the set only comes with black, brown and grey.



Oliver loved it! He has already asked for the cat version and couldn’t wait for his brothers to complete their dogs so they can play. “Doggy” currently has pride of place next to his pillow and often he is brought down to play. Fuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs is available from Amazon, Interplay and Toys R Us for £9.99.



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