Flower Note Holders

This month’s #BostikBlogger theme was flowers. As I was running slightly delayed in getting the posts out there I thought I would check if any of the ideas I came up with was used by other bloggers. It just so happens to be that yes they were, These awesome bloggers all had the same great idea as I had, so I thought I would share with them

Kerry from Blissful Domestication

Simple Flower Artwork for Kids

Madeline from This Glorious Life

2 quick and easy rainbow coloured flower crafts #BostikBloggers


As i was looking around the house and garden for inspiration I came across my desk. It seems that my organisational side didn’t stretch as far as my work desk and it slipped! So I used the theme and made 2 different noteholders. All rather basic but with scope to add your own personal touches! and what is even better is that these crafts can all be completed by the kids!!

2 really quick and easy crafts that are really simple even kids can do them! Great for getting organised

1. Flower Note Pegs

Unless it is glaringly obvious, I am always forgetting appointments or deadlines so these handy flower note pegs come in really useful.

You really don’t need alot of materials for this, a couple of pegs, Bostik Glue Dots, and some flower shapes!

I had an abundance of card paper cut-outs, so I sorted them into colours and sizes and came up with the design. Using the Bostik Glue Dots it is very simple to stick them together to create a really funky looking flower.


Using the Bostik Glue Dots again, place on one the top of the peg (the part you use to squeeze them together).

It is that simple! You can funk them up even more by painting the pegs or adding intricate designs. I really love the simplicity of them though!

The pegs fit great onto the edge of my laptop screen making sure that I can see the notes. It is great for those looming appointments and deadlines.

2. Flower Note Garden

This one is a little more tricky and a few more things are needed to make it. I used a small piece of foam with a grass-like top.

So you will need; a couple of pieces of wire, Green foam sheet (to resemble grass) and a couple of stick-on flowers. The pen is used to curl the wire around, so you can choose something similar if you don’t have one.

Using the wire poke it through the foam. Don’t worry too much about the length because you can adjust the size by cutting it.

Using the pen wrap the wire several times around, Then pull the wire through.

Do this again on the other side. This is the side that will be on show so you want to try and make it a little neat. This will also be what will hold the notes too.

Then all you need to do is simply stick the flowers onto the base. A really simple and easy craft you can do with the kids!


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