Easter at Queensgate Shopping Centre – Peterborough

Arthur helping himself to marshmallows at the #Qblogger event

Easter at Queensgate Shopping Centre

In about 2 weeks time families will be coming together to celebrate Easter. Whether that is attending their local church or hosting (and taking part) in treasure hunts it is holiday children enjoy. As a family, we are not religious but I do think it is important for them to understand celebrations and traditions that others take part in. For the most part, Easter to them equals chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. As part of my #Qblogger role, we were invited to Peterborough Museum to taste test Easter offerings from retailers at Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Selection of easter gifts from retailers at Queensgate Shopping Centre

We were invited to Peterborough Museum where upon entering the room we saw a table laden with different Easter related gifts and decorations. The boys could not wait to tuck into the great selection of chocolate and treats.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat brought a selection of their smaller chocolate range along with a lovely larger egg. Sunny Side up chocolates £6, City Milk chocolate bunnies £6, Elizapeck mini speckled eggs £6, Chocolate Easter lolly £2 and chocolate bunnies basket £8. With the larger children’s milk chocolate egg at £10.

The boys really enjoyed eating their way through the City Milk Chocolate Bunnies! They were a huge hit with them. Arthur one a game which meant he got to chose anything from the table and he was drawn to the packaging of the Hotel Chocolat Children’s Milk Chocolate Egg.


I must admit I wasn’t aware Carluccio’s sold food items as well as being a restaurant. So I was pleasantly surprised. Carluccio’s, however, didn’t disappoint with their offerings. Colomba 30grams cake £7.95, Chocolate coated clementines £17.95, Milk chocolate stars with a gianduja filling £12.95 and marzipan lamb £12.95. Gianduja chocolate egg £2.95, Half dozen chocolate  Hen’s egg £10.95.

The boys loved the chocolate hen’s egg and couldn’t get enough of them. A few of the items they were not that keen on but I can already think of a handful of family members I know that would love them!

Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencer’s didn’t disappoint either with their offerings. I don’t have prices for these items other than the Burrowing Bunny at £15. The boys loved these eggs! The boys were immediately drawn to the cute characters and the chocolate tasted great. Percy Pig egg is also strawberry flavoured too! The yolk on the dippy egg is soft so it resembles a real dippy egg.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

I absolutely adore this shop! It has pretty much everything you didn’t know you needed. The table in the museum was laden with decorations from Flying Tiger Copenhagen all of which I totally love. We were really fortunate that we were able to take home the little eggs and a porcelain bunny along with a box of yellow flowers. I will certainly be popping back in soon to grab some more decorations!!

John Lewis

John Lewis brought a fabulous range of treats and decorations along. The straw bunny (£12.50) and the hanging eggs (£2.50) were my favourites. The boys, however, loved the Fill your own carrot crackers and the fluffy flamingo pens. Since becoming a #Qblogger and coming to know more about their ranges I am really starting to love John Lewis.


Lakeland also didn’t disappoint! Arthur loved the Marshmallows (£6) and the Bunnies and Duck Gift Boxed Easter Chocolates (£4.99) were also a huge hit. The Easter Treasure Hunt Chocolate Slims (£5.99) comes with clues, you need to add your own too. The Country Fare Simnel Fruit Cake (£16.99) looked fab!!!


The boys loved being able to try all the chocolates and edibles available, I mean who wouldn’t? When I asked their favourites this is what they said –

Arthur – “marshmallows are my bestest!”

Oliver – “I loved the chocolate in the wrappers (Marks and Spencer’s Easter Treasure Hunt and John Lewis Animal chocolates)”

Jack – “I loved the really small easter eggs wrapped in foil!”

Mark – “Percy Pig was my favourite!”

Me – “Hotel Chocolate Sunny Side up eggs!!”


*We were invited to taste test a variety of chocolates from retailers in Queensgate Shopping Centre*

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