Dinosaur DNA – Be a Palaeontologist – Review

Dinosaur DNA

When we were asked to review Dinosaur DNA I kind of jumped at the chance. My boys love Dinosaurs! The recommended age is from 8 and Jack is 7 and he loved it! Oliver his 5 year old brother also enjoyed trying to dig for bones too.


The Dinosaur DNA kit is on sale here for £9.99 and you can choose from 3 Dinosaurs. Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You get a block of clay which you need to dig through to collect the bones and DNA. You get the tools and everything you need be a palaeontologist.


Jack was really excited and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


It took Jack around 3 days to complete and be able to use the augmented reality app. In total it took about 4/5 hours for him to solo excavate the bones.

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Once all the fossils were out I placed them in a bowl of water. This softens the clay stuck in the little joins of the bones. Once dried we built the dinosaur, it was a little fiddly but as the child gets older it would be easier for them to do independently.

Augmented Reality

One of the great features is the use of the app. It allows the dinosaur to really come to life! The app is large so did take a while and it took a bit of getting used too. But Jack loved it!


Jack told me what he thought of it all and he said “It’s great! I love that I can dig the pieces of dinosaur out of the clay.” He also went on to say he thinks other children who may like to take their time will like it too.

I think Jack made a valid point that if your child is like my 5 year old and wants things now it may be a bit too much for them. You can soak the clay block to quicken the excavating time but in all honesty I think that takes away the fun. The great thing about this is it will keep them occupied for hours.


The Dinosaur is also glow in the dark which is great!



** We were given Dinosaur DNA in exchange for our honest review**

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