DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman – 23rd September Batman Day

  1. We were recently asked if we would like to review the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman in time for Batman Day  we said yes. All 3 of my boys love Batman, he is somewhat of a hero in our house and he tops all ranks. Batman is pretty much everywhere from dressing up, to posters on the wall to now a pretty funky interactive soft toy. Arthur made a claim for him the minute he arrived at our house and hasn’t put him down since. The thing with the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman is that Arthur loves pressing his belly to make him speak and watching his eyes light up!

DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman

“I know my city inside out, every corner, every dark alley”

Arthur loves that his arms are fully poseable so he is able to make them stay pretty much wherever he puts them. Plus (and a pretty big one at that) is that when you use Batman’s hand to punch something it makes a pretty cool punching noise!

  • Suitable for children aged 10 months +.
  • Batman’s fists make cool punching noises on impact.
  • Batman says loads of his signature phrases.
  • Press batman’s chest and his eyes light up as he talks.
  • Batman has his famous utility belt, mask and cape for added imaginative fun.
  • Poseable arms so little ones can join their favourite dc friends on lots of adventures!

Batman Day

Up until this year, I didn’t realise Batman had his own day! Saying that it is only his fourth-year and it is celebrating not Batman but Harley Quinn! The Clown Princess of Crime. Since 1992 Harley Quinn has become so popular that this year is her 25th year.

On Batman Day DC Entertainment has joined forces with thousands of comic book retailers, bookshops, schools and libraries across the globe! The UK has 9 events running in Liverpool, Cambridge, London, Southampton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and Coventry. There will be signings and free comic giveaways, each event has its own thing happening so best to check beforehand.

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