What Makes Good Customer Service

A few years back I worked at a cosmetics shop that sold a lot of bath bombs and bubble bars, you probably know who it is? Well, this was my first experience really of behind the scenes when it came to retail and it is a time of my life I will always remember. I worked as a seasonal temp at Christmas which as you can expect is a really busy time for most companies and not having the experience I was chucked pretty much in the deep end. Not that I minded it much, I excel with a good challenge. It was the first-hand experience of working in a shop and having an understanding of what shop workers go through. I think this has given me a little more compassion when it comes to customer service and what I expect.

Saying that It can be highly frustrating when you trying to make a phone call and you are left hearing the same hold music for 30 minutes or having to explain yourself to every member of staff you speak too. Sometimes it got too much and I ended the whole call more worked up than I did before it started. I have recently though received good customer service that has made me think more of the company and my overall feelings towards them.

Receiving good customer service

As a blogger, I receive a lot of packets and parcels, more than I care to think about sometimes. There is one particular courier company, My Hermes, that seem to have a bad rap online. My local courier, however, is a lovely lady that we have come to really get to like. It’s the little things like knowing where to place the parcels when we are out, or keeping hold of them and posting her number so we can call to arrange a redelivery when we are in. We do however look after her too! Last year on a hot day, it must have been 35degrees we gave her an ice lolly.

More recently we took the boys out to a restaurant to eat a carvery. We tend to avoid situations like this as we can kind of assume the behaviour of each of the boys and more often than not, it just isn’t worth it. However this time it was a lovely experience and one which makes me want to return again! The chef took his time to talk to Jack (8), Oliver (6) and Arthur (4) and explain to them (not us) how the carvery service worked. He told the boys (one at a time, as we took them up to the server separately) what meats were on offer and the range of vegetables. Little things like that made our lives a little easier. When Jack struggled to choose which meat he would like he offered him a selection of all. This very well maybe their company policy, but to Jack, he didn’t know that.

Finding the right number to call

More often than not I have found myself struggling to come up with the correct number to call. Contact Customer Service Numbers (CCSN) is a very useful directory for companies and businesses. It saves you time looking for the correct customer service phone number.

CCSN have produced this great infographic which shows the results of their recent survey of over 600 respondents. The infographic helps to gain a better insight into how we as consumers value customer service.


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