Clock change, birthday parties, disco’s and the weather!

This week has really taken it’s toll on the boys especially Oliver. They are all tired and it is showing! They all still have a week left at school before they break for the Easter holidays and they have begun to flounce! Sunday was the clock change went forward so we lost an hour and boy we felt the loss. Bedtime Sunday night was met with “but it’s daytime”, “it’s not night time the sun is still out” Arthur wasn’t the worst it was Ollie. He really struggled with going to sleep and a week on and we still are struggling. Big time!

Late night party

On Tuesday Oliver was invited to a friend’s birthday party. Actually it was 2 friends and it didn’t start until 6pm! I really hate midweek later parties but can totally understand the parents reasons why! it`s cheap! (and no doubt it will be us holding the midweek late party soon) Oliver usually goes to bed at 6.30 but he was really excited to go so we let him. He loved it and although he was bouncing off the walls whilst he was there once home he calmed down. He was happy to have a wash, brush teeth and change into Pj’s to go to bed. I think the tiredness was just setting in. But the easy bedtime was too be the last one this week! Every night since we have had evening battles with him!

Oliver had another late night on Thursday due to their school disco. He finished by 5.30 but we lost track off time at his friends house and by the time he came home, washed and eaten something it was close to 8pm. It was his best friends birthday so Oliver made him a card with a polar bear on, his favourite animal.

Weekend of more madness!!

Weekend we celebrated my nephew’s 16th Birthday which meant another late one! We went out for dinner and due to a last minute change Mark looked after all the boys plus our little nephew Mason. Whilst me and my sister Tasha went to try the Thinking Out The Box Escape Rooms!  It was gone 8pm by the time all the boys went to bed!

I really hope Oliver starts to go back to sleep at an appropriate time! All these late nights are really starting to take its toll! he is argumentative! Shouty and all he needs is a good old sleep!

One week in and how is your clock change experience?



  1. 9th April 2017 / 1:27 pm

    This will all settle down soon I am sure of it, but its not every week there will be parties on. My daughter has really taken well to the time change, I am the one struggling really. Hopefully my sleepng pattern will settle shortly.

  2. 9th April 2017 / 1:49 pm

    I used to love clock changing, but now after the baby. Damn babies inner clock turns around after that 😀

  3. Laura Delaney
    9th April 2017 / 1:40 pm

    Oh our clock change experience was just that – an experience! Haha. Every year my son does the whole “BUT IT’S LIGHT OUTSIDE?!” ugh, it does throw us back a little bit. I’m pretty sure I struggled more than my children though, unfortunately for me the night the clocks went forward I was in work for 5am! I was absolutely shattered, especially as my daughter is still waking 4-5 times in the night for feeding! xx

  4. 9th April 2017 / 6:56 pm

    It sounds like a super busy week!! We’re struggling with the clocks change as well, he’s not old enough to fight it too much but it definitely keeps him up late and in the morning it’s light so it’s hard to get him back down again – even though he’s exhausted! Think we’re going to need to invest in a black out blind (for the ENTIRE house!!!)

  5. 9th April 2017 / 8:31 pm

    You’ve had a crazy busy, but fun week. I was met with the same moans on clock change about the daylight, but thankfully the boys slept like rocks all night!

  6. 10th April 2017 / 8:02 am

    Both the girls were fine about the clock change! If anything it was me that struggled ha. The eldest still gives me that extra hour in bed in the morning but the littlest has other ideas haha!

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