Christmas Eve preparations! – What a day!

Christmas eve

Every year I run around the kitchen working my butt off to try and make the following day run smooth. This year was no different! Literally the entire day spent baking and cooking not only for Christmas day but for our buffet in the evening. I baked a Gingerbread house and Carrot cake Christmas puddings. I prepared and cooked Pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings ready for our Christmas dinner. Then on top of that also cooked nibbles and pizza ready for Christmas eve evening.


Our gingerbread house was success well if you take the burnt edges away. But it stood by itself and the boys had great delight in decorating the edges with jelly beans. It was lovely to be able to spend the time together and make something we can show off. I brought the kit from Asda before realising that I needed to prepare and bake the gingerbread. I was gutted I had picked the wrong one up!


Buffets are great I think it is because it is more social. You are able to just grab a plate of food and mingle with your guests.

I was sent some Terrell’s Crisps and Poshcorn popcorn to try over the Christmas holidays! I added them to the buffet and everyone loved them. The crisps were 3 bird roasts and even Mark who isn’t all that keen on meaty crisps really enjoyed them. Tyrell’s three bird roast crisp contain a mixture of Turkey, Duck and Chicken. They are hand cooked in small batches using potatoes grown in Hertfordshire. They really do taste lovely and would be perfect for pretty much any occasion!

Suitable for Vegans!

The Tyrell poshcorn is a Bellini cocktail Perfectly peachy fizz flavour. For me the taste is one I can get used too! The Popcorn is prepped and popped at Tyrrell’s court farm in Hertfordshire too. It adds variety to a buffet or for just those evenings spent watching films at home. You get just under 4 servings per bag and at 116kcals per serving it isn’t too bad. It is also suitable for Vegans too! Which is great as in January I will be taking part in Veganuary so at least I know I can eat these! I wish I had taken a photo of the popcorn!





**I was sent Tyrrell’s and PoshCorn to review**


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