#Blogtober- Day 31 – Halloween Carving Pumpkins

Day 31 of Blogtober! It has been a great month thanks to Mandi at HexMum+1 I hope you enjoy my last #blogtober post!

Carving pumpkins

Every year we go to Hill Farm pick your own to pick our pumpkins. Read here about our visit. After we pick them we take them home ready for carving. The boys love prepping their pumpkins and drawing their pictures on them. Mark and I try and carve as close to their designs as we can.


We start by cleaning the pumpkins to make sure the felt tip works on the outside, so we can carve it easily.

20161029_132414 20161029_132417 20161029_132530 20161029_132542

Mark cuts the lid ready for the inside to be scooped out.

20161029_132749 20161029_132753 20161029_132757 20161029_132800 20161029_132813 20161029_132916

Arthur makes a start on scooping the insides out whilst the other 2 draw their designs.

20161029_133115 20161029_133215 20161029_133217 20161029_133228 20161029_133233

The fun part of the pumpkins is the inside. This year we are roasting the seeds!

20161029_134804 20161029_134812 20161029_134815 20161029_134823 20161029_175824


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  1. 31st October 2016 / 9:47 pm

    It looks like you had a great time…
    You had the sense to do it outside. I didn’t and I was still finding pumpkin seeds today scattered around the house. lol

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