Bye bye 2016, Hello to a brand new 2017!

Terry Wogan, Gene wilder, David Bowie and George Michael are a few of the many deaths 2016 saw. It has been a year of reflection for some and year of living in the moment for others. For me, 2016 has overall been a good one my family have overall been very healthy. But I have of course sat and pondered when each of celebrity deaths were announced and realised death can strike anyone, any time. Something I need to remember is to make the most of our time.

It can be difficult to reflect on the past especially when in all honesty I have poor memory and can not for the life of me remember some events. However, I can remember;

  • My dad getting married in May,

  • Oliver starting school in September
  • Arthur starting playgroup in November
  • Baby Francesca being born in November (New niece!)
  • My friends little girl Ellie being born in September,
  • Mark’s dad buying us a family sized tent for Christmas so we can go on holidays!
  • Going on holiday to Northumberland to visit Mark’s dad.
  • My sister being mugged at knife point- Such a scary time! Thankfully she is okay, and the mugger was caught and sentenced.
  • My nephew Leo celebrating 6 years post SDR ( life changing operation) which  enabled him to walk independently!
  • Celebrating 4 years of running my nappy library which promotes cloth nappies to local families
  • Starting The Mum Diaries!
  • Completing my first ever 5km fun run!!


We already have exciting things happening next year such as our first camping holiday to Shell Island! I hope for continued good health amongst all my family and friends. I recently wrote about my blogging goals for next year so here are my personal ones.

  • In order to stay at home longer I need to come up with a way to make regular income.
  • Make a mark on our home – Being in rented housing can make it difficult to make our mark but I would love to try and personalise the house a little. Even if it is just wall stickers and accessories rather than painting.
  • Go on more holidays – Thanks to Mark’s lovely dad we are able to go camping, we would love to make the most of the tent so hoping for a few trips next year.
  • would love to spend more time with family – Not just my immediate family but my siblings families too!
  • I would love to get more in control of my lifestyle – I am starting this by trying Veganuary in January after that I am getting in control of my diet and exercise! This time next year I want to be healthier and hopefully lighter!

All my goals are possible so nothing too much! I do try and overthink to much and make unrealistic expectations so I am hoping by keeping it short and sweet I should achieve these.

What are your goals for 2017 if you make them?

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  1. 3rd January 2017 / 1:01 am

    A very positive year minus your sister. How awful but glad she’s ok! Good luck for 2017 🙂 ox

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