Building our future

2017 marks 8 years since Mark and I moved in together. 8 blissful years. I can honestly say hand on heart it has flown by and I have loved every minute. We rent our home privately through a letting agency and thankfully our experiences have been mainly positives. Everyone hears the downside of renting like rent increases, dodgy agencies/landlords and inadequate housing. It is a fear I think many tenants have. Even though we are settled we still don’t know what’s around the corner.

Our first home

I was 3 months pregnant when we moved into our first house so we were keen to make it our family home. It was a lovely semi-detached 2 bedroom house with garage. Our landlord was lovely older man who brought the house for his retirement fund. Whenever we had a problem he was eager to fix and we rarely had to speak to our agency. The agency had advised us that we only needed to buy contents insurance as the landlord is obligated to have buildings insurance. I never knew this so was helpful when considering and finding insurance. Homelet came up with this great infographic.


Jack was born 6 months after moving in and 2 years later Oliver was born. Mark and I then started to think about moving to a bigger 3 bed house. Each year our contract was up for renewal, our agency charged extortionate fee’s each year of £125. We were getting frustrated with having to pay the fee’s and the landlord had decided he wanted to increase his rent. To be fair to him he hadn’t touched the rent price in 5 years and we had negotiated on a £25 a month increase. The landlord was also happy to transfer our contract from a fixed one to one with a break clause. Meaning basically if we found a house we could give notice without any repercussions.

Making a home

After a further 2 years and the arrival of Arthur our landlord eventually decided the time had come. He wanted to sell and gave us our notice. It gave us the kick we needed to find a larger property and we were very lucky that he gave us plenty of time. moving again The biggest downside was we hadn’t managed to save for a deposit to buy a home and with me not working a mortgage was out of the question. So we had no other choice than to move again privately.

We moved agencies and to another semi detached house this time it was a larger 3 bed. This agency didn’t charge half as much in fee’s as our previous one and they seem a lot more professional too. Always friendly and cheery and you get an altogether happy feel from them. The move was easy and even with 3 small children and moving a week before going on holiday it didn’t take us long to unpack either. Mark and I were both really excited with the move and putting our little stamp on the place. Obviously with kids involved everything happens in super slow motion. We have been here just over a year and only just finished our first room.

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