#Blogtober17 – Day 12 – Love

Halfway through Blogtober

What I love this week!

So many things this week has made me happy! I am on top off (somewhat) a couple of posts which means I can spend my evenings with Mark. I am not on the computer or phone as much as I was. So I am spending more time with the boys, playing. Love

Arthur and I have spent so much time together this week. Wednesdays we normally visit my grandpop, but a change of day means we got to spend the day one to one. Arthur loved it! It has made me realise how little I actually sit and play with the boys, no wonder they are turning into techno geeks.

Arthur’s confidence has grown so much too! He has walked into playschool happier, smilier and more confident than before. His Keyworker has commented on how happy he is and how he is playing with other children. I think he has finally turned a corner and we have one thing to thank!


We were sent The Irish Fairy Door Company Worry Plaque for review and it just so happens that since the fairies took his worries, he is carefree. I cannot wait to share with you my full review!


If you are a follower of mine on Instagram or Facebook then this photo may look familiar. I posted earlier about how this morning was like no other. My Status was;

All 3 boys had to be woken this morning (never happens)??

All 3 boys got dressed pretty much argument free (never happens)??

All 3 boys grabbed their own breakfast (again, never happens)???

All 3 boys brushed their teeth without moaning (see a theme here? Never happens)

2 boys were happy to wear their own school bags (Arthur doesn’t have one) (never happens)

This morning rocked! We aced it!!!

I have loved everyday so far this week! We have had fun, spent time together as a family and enjoyed life! What more can I ask for?


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