#Blogtober 16 – Day 20 – 5 Super Cool Things About Peterborough

Todays #Blogtober post is 5 super cool things about where I live. I live in a vibrant city which is less than an hour away from London. It is called


Peterborough is such a great city to live in especially if you have children. It has it’s ups and downs like pretty much most places but it is home.
1 – Ferry Meadows – I am so fortunate to live right beside this beautiful place!  There is plenty to do such as Go fishing, ride a train, nature trails, boat trips and feeding ducks.
There is also a really busy event calendar where you can take guided tours, search for bats as well pond dipping and den building.  Ferry Meadows has seen plenty of refurbishment too! The Café and bar has recently had a major overhaul! and if you read yesterdays post you would know all about their Carrot cake. The children’s parks (there are 3) have had major works or going to be. This place is a gem!
2.Cathedral – Our city’s cathedral is a gorgeous sight! There is plenty of history within those walls.
3. Hamerton Zoo Park and Sacrewell Farm
Both of these places are within 20 minutes of Peterborough. Both of these places are equally as amazing! Hamerton features rare tigers, meerkats (my favourite) and monkeys! As well as lots of other animals.
Sacrewell farm has pigs, goats, horses, as well as chickens, rabbies and guinea pigs. A great indoor play area, as well as a little outdoor maze. Events such as visiting santa is truly magical too!
4.Vivacity –
Vivacity host numerous events through out the year. From Romans invading to ghost walks. I love the mixture of experiences there is on offer.
5. Family –
My whole family are here (well except my aunt and uncle who live in Australia)
There was a time where my sister Tash lived in Horsham with her family and that was pretty tough. I had gone from seeing her most days to once every 4/6 months. I hated being away from her! But she moved back! so all my immediate family now live within 20 miles of each other which is great!


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  1. 21st October 2016 / 1:09 pm

    Oh wow! It sounds like a great place to live….There sounds a lot to do and see.

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