What to expect at a BlogOn Conference

When I first started my blog in 2016 I had ideas on where I wanted to take it. One of my goals was for blogging to become my full-time job, meaning I can stay at home and work. In the past 6 months, I have become self-employed and taken on more paid work. I am trying to make my dreams become reality but I do need help and a little guidance. So last year I attended my first conference.


All over the parenting blogger groups on Facebook BlogOn is mentioned as one of the best blogging conferences. Up until September last year, I hadn’t a clue as to why but that has all changed. BlogOn has literally changed my blogging outlook and has given me the confidence, ideas and goals to move forward. As September was my first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone mentioned how friendly it was and how it was worth a lot more than the £50 ticket price. I couldn’t wait to see that for myself.

Pre BlogOn there has always been a link up of the bloggers attending. It is a great way to introduce yourself to others and learn more about them as a person, rather than a blogger. Last year I wrote my Christmas Jumper post (September BlogOn always has a focus on Christmas). This year link up was more “normal” than the Christmas one, you can have a read here.

Launch Party

BlogOn has always (as far as I know) been held on a Sunday. The Saturday evening before for the past few events has had a launch party. These have been sponsored by Paladone. There are games on the table, a limited free bar (usually so many drinks are free) and a lot of relaxed bloggers mingling. The video below was made from the BlogOn Xmas (sept 2017) event. If you look carefully you can spot me!

BlogOn X

As this year was my second event I was a lot more relaxed about everything. I knew what to do, where to go and I was a lot more confident in myself. What makes BlogOn special is the variety of sessions on offer. This year there was a big emphasis on Youtube. The other sessions were all about the legality side of thing, building traffic amongst others.

BlogOn Schedule

As well as the schedule of sessions there is also the Brand Den. A great area to meet Brands/Pr’s and to network with others. It is a great opportunity to see products in person and learn more about the brand. Money Monsters below is a new concept of children saving money. With a digital display showing the bank balance you can then spend it using the contactless payment card. We have recently started giving the boys pocket money, this would be great for teaching them all about spending and saving properly.

Money Monster - Brand Area of BlogOn - Meeting Toyologist

As BlogOnX was my second conference it was wonderful to also catch up with the brands and PR’s that I had met back in September. It was lovely to see a couple of them remembered who I was and we have had a pretty great year working together too.

The BlogOn Community Fund

One of the things I personally love about BlogOn is the community fund. The conferences all raise money towards the fund by the Tombola and Raffle which is held on the day. Laura (Blogger at a TiredMummyOf2 and Founder of BlogOn) set up the fund as a way to help bloggers in need. Previously Laura fundraised thousands of pounds to payback to the charities that helped her daughter through her Leukaemia. When a fellow blogger was diagnosed with cancer, fundraising focussed on helping her purchase the equipment she needed for her recovery.

Since then BlogOn Community Fund was established. With the main aim of helping bloggers when they are in need. Any blogger or their family (within the UK) can apply for help as longs as they have produced blog content within 2 months, and been blogging for at least 12 months.

But that’s not all

BlogOn is just as known for their goody bags. As an attendee, you are advised to bring an empty suitcase, the larger the better. Before my first BlogOn event I was dubious and even thought it was a newbie practical joke. It isn’t like that at all!! EVERYONE brings a suitcase and all of them are big ones! Thanks to Jo at The Knight Tribe for letting me use her photo below.

Make sure you register your interest for BlogOnXmas here.

The goody bags at BlogOn


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