My own little blogger rant!

Making their mark!

A few weeks back (could have been months) there was a big influx in bloggers changing their Facebok names. They would change from “Blah blah” to “blah blah – a Parenting blog, or a parenting and lifestyle blog” Being relatively new I sat and watched it all unravel. Some bloggers loved it! after all it explained what it was you were, what your readers could expect. Other bloggers became annoyed. Not with the name change so much but the notifications. Like seriously?

As what started with a 1 or 2 notifications then became 20-30 more, as more and more bloggers felt they would like to change too. Bloggers who are normally so supportive started to Unfollow these pages due to the notifications that arised during the name change.  Many bloggers lost a lot of followers and when you are new trying to build a following it can affect you. Not just numbers but it can knock your confidence.

Tying to be a better blogger

blogger notes

Last night whilst watching a few Youtube clips about how to build your blog it got me thinking. I write my blog mainly for me, but for you too. Adding on “A parenting and lifestyle blog” In my eyes felt like the right move to make. After all like I said before it tells you all what to expect from me and my blog. I figured as everything had died down I would change. The lose would only maybe be 1 or 2 disgruntled unsupportive bloggers. But no,

I woke this morning to a loss of 14 likes on my Facebook page and over 20 followers! Thankfully as I write this I am still over the 2000 mark but it is just as upsetting to have lost so many. The thing with Facebook is I don’t know who has unfollowed either. I can only assume that due to what had happened previously that it would be other bloggers who did it. Who knows…


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  1. 8th June 2017 / 10:10 pm

    I made the change as well. I didn’t lose any followers but I’m not sure if I gained anything from the change. It is descriptive of what I do so I went with it as I’m trying to differentiate my blog from my business (now closed).

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