Making our garden beautiful again!

It is not until you don’t have something do you begin to miss it. For us it is Grass. In our first home together, we had a lovely garden which was in an “L” shape. We had what seemed a great patio to grass ratio and for the first year we got on great. Life then began to take over and in the end we became to busy to do the basic grass care such as cutting it.

When Jack was old enough to crawl around we used to let him outside to play. This then began his little obsession with grass pulling and after a few months we ended up with dirt patches. The garden became a headache and it looked terrible. It wasn’t just the look of the garden that began to really get to us, but also the mud. When you have a 1 year old that is obsessed with being outdoors, just as Jack was, the outdoor would come indoors.

Artificial Grass

In the winter it was muddy and the amount of times Jack would walk mud through the living room. In the end we gave up with trying to care for it and eventually 1 child turned to 3.

From grass to stones

When we moved to our current house we were relieved to see no grass. We were excited at the prospect of being able to go outside in all weathers and not get muddy. I was looking forward to zero garden maintenance and couldn’t wait. Reality was that instead of grass we got stones. Instead of mud through the house, we got stones thrown at the window. It was just as stressful!

Artificial Grass

We have been here just over 3 years and the thought of grass has been playing on mind. The thing is I don’t want the mud and I don’t want to cut it. I love my zero maintenance feel of the garden I have. But, I miss the greenery and I miss the look of grass. So we have been thinking about artificial grass and the benefits for us having it.

Would Artificial Grass be a good thing?

It seems like we would get the best out of both worlds, the zero maintenance but the grass we crave. The boys could play outside ALL weathers and be able to roll around, fall over and generally be care free. No more having to clean grazes and cuts because they have fallen on the stones. The garden will always look green even in the ridiculous weather we have been having.

I am convinced that artificial grass would be great, Mark is even convinced too! All we need to do now is just add it to our list. Hopefully next summer I can be writing about having our grass put down!

making our garden beautiful again using artifical grass

*This is a collaborative post with Grass-Direct


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