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There is something special about supporting small businesses. Knowing that the money you spend on their products is going to support them and their family. When I started blogging I was introduced to a whole host of really talented and super clever ladies (and gents), as they have in one way or another helped and supported me, I want to do the same.

There is an idea called “Six degrees of separation” which basically says that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps from knowing each other. As it happens I started talking to a blogger called Hannah. I then found out she went to school with Mark and we have mutual friends.

Apple & Pips

Hannah writes a blog called Budding Smiles and is also a small business owner. Her shop Apple & Pips is one with unique spirit and ethos. Hannah handpicks each and every item in her shop from small/medium sized UK brands and has even started to create a pretty awesome range of products bearing slogans. My favourite so far is this one –

But that isn’t all that Apples & Pips is about. It is about so much more than their products, it’s about being supportive of each other. Last year Hannah set up the Kindness Scheme. Whilst out and about she hands little notes and gift vouchers to parents.A reminder that even in the most stressful of times, with a child kicking and screaming on the floor, they got this! This year it went nationwide! Along with other mums, I signed up to be apart of the Kindness Tribe to help spread a little strength and support.

She also donates 10% of all profits to the MAMA Academy which helps to save babies’ lives. But even that isn’t all, £1 from every sale of her parent and baby gift sets also goes to a relevant charity; Mental Health, Fertility, Premature baby care, breastfeeding support.

Why the post?

Hannah has recently entered Apples & Pips into Richard Branson’s Virgin Media Vroom competition. If successful she would be given the opportunity to pitch her business and be in with a share of £1million. Pretty exciting! All she needs at the moment is votes and shares, which is why I wrote the post. I want to do all that I can to help, and hopefully, you can too!

You can vote for Apples & Pips here

You can visit Apples & Pips shop here

Have a read of Hannah’s blog, Budding Smiles here


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