18 Things for 2018

Thank you to Holly from LittlePicklesMom has tagged me in the 18 things for 2018 post. The idea is to write a list of goals you would like to achieve by the end of the year. For me, I have found that setting little goals helps me to stay on track. I love having a starting point and also something to refer back on. Last year I decided to keep monthly track of my Blog Statistics and when I have a low moment it has been lovely seeing how far I have come. I have already written my blog goals for this year though which you can read here. So, I decided my 18 things for 2018 would be personal goals. Okay, I may put one or two blog-related ones in there.

small child blowing a dandelion

18 Things for 2018

This is actually more difficult than I first realised. I suppose I would love to become more organised not only will this help me in my personal life but my blog life too. I want to be able to actually remember birthdays. There are so many I forgot or remember last minute. Become healthier, I am fat. There is no sugar coating that (see what I did there.) Although I am somewhat happy, I would love to have a wider choice of clothes and be able to wear band T’s etc. Be more me My style, my loves are somewhat mummified and I don’t want to lose who I am as a person. I love being spontaneous, I love cartoons and playing computer games, I also love music!

2018 is going to be more about me opening up than hiding away.  I would like To do more with the boys! more often than not we get stuck in a rut. I want to take them exploring more! Think forests, woods, national parks. Getting down and dirty and generally reliving the childhood that I had. It isn’t all about Technology, although they will of course still get to play but, it will be restricted. As Healthy eating will be featuring in our family more, not necessarily for weight loss but more to instil healthy choices for the boys, I think more cooking activities is needed. The boys loved it when we cooked Sunday Dinner and had fun peeling, chopping potatoes (you know, the boring jobs).

children preparing broccoli and carrots


Another thing I think will be a big feature for me this year is Decluttering. We have so much stuff and I think I need to be stricter with myself. I really want to give Jack his own room. All 3 boys at the moment share the smallest room and they sleep in a triple bunk bed (3 singles on top of each other) and they have the middle sized room as their playroom. Ideally, I would love for Jack to have the smallest room and we can get a cabin bed for him and then Oliver and Arthur can share the middle room. I also think this would free up a lot of space too.

Another thing I would love to achieve is a mess-free kitchen. This is easier said than done and for those who have been in my kitchen will know I have stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. I would love an array of appliances such as a coffee bean maker and even a microwave but finding homes for them is tricky, hence why I don’t have them. I think once I am more organised and I have decluttered the kitchen it should be easier to organise it and find spaces.


I know I said I would try to keep this blog goal free but it’s a biggie. I recently registered as self-employed as I would love the blog to kick off! Receiving a regular income I think would make the year, to be honest. At the moment I am struggling to see where it will come from but you have to start somewhere right? I want to be able to use my blog income to help clear finances. It is important for me to also be able to save for a mortgage. Renting is a killer and knowing we pay double what family do for their mortgage is just crazy. I have always wanted to own my own home so I really want to work on that being a reality.


Family standing together in front of Peterborough Cathedral

Arthur start’s school in September and I am already dreading the cost of school shoes etc. Uniform isn’t so bad as he has older brothers so we have plenty of hand me downs. But it is the stark reality that soon I will lose him too for 39 weeks of the year. So I would love to spend more time one to one with him and each of the boys too. I think just because they are at school they shouldn’t lose out.

It is also important that Mark and I spend time together. This year marks our 9 year wedding anniversary but also 10 years since we met. I would love to go away for the night as a couple. It is important that we try to create more us time as well as more family time. I would love to try and get tickets to go to a concert/comedy gig.


I just hope 2018 brings us just as much happiness as 2017 did. More places to go, more things to see and more importantly more time together to create memories which will last.

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  1. 6th Jan 2018 / 9:22 am

    Ohhh lots of fab goals there! I still need to write mine, it’ll be good to look back on this at the end of the year and see how you’ve done 🙂

    • 6th Jan 2018 / 3:40 pm

      Thank you Helen. I did a 2017 blogging goal one last year and it was great to see how far I had come.

  2. Lisa (mummascribbles)
    6th Jan 2018 / 9:27 am

    This is a fab little list of things. Pretty reasonable too so I have no doubt you’ll manage to do them. Good luck with the blog income – that was my goal in Jan last year and I did it so you can too ?

    • 6th Jan 2018 / 3:39 pm

      Thank you, I really hope I can achieve that one!

  3. 6th Jan 2018 / 10:28 am

    I hope 2018 brings you everything you wish for. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

    • 6th Jan 2018 / 3:38 pm

      Thank you Debbie, I hope it is a good one for you too!

  4. 7th Jan 2018 / 9:36 am

    Good luck with your goals, they look like really nice ones especially the ones you want to do with your children. Healthy eating I think is a big one for everyone, and I am with you on the clutter although we clear out quite a lot before we moved there is still more to do!

  5. 7th Jan 2018 / 8:18 pm

    Great goals, especially love the ones about getting outdoors more with the children – I want to do more of that too!
    Hope 2018 is a good one for you! 🙂

  6. 8th Jan 2018 / 8:40 pm

    Some lovely goals for 2018. Good luck with your blogging goals too, I’m hoping I can push myself a bit more in 2018 too x

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